Video Review: Huey Lewis & The News “The Power Of Love”

A car honks it horn in the parking lot as people walk into Uncle Charlie’s bar in Corte Madera, California. A twentysomething woman hangs out of the passenger side of a car as her friend pulls into the lot. A server carries a tray over her head as she walks through the crowd.

Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), a character from the 1985 film, Back To The Future, parks his car. A person shouts “Hey wow, take a look at this car!” Twentysomething men and women gather around the car as Brown fiddles with some buttons. A twentysomething man starts, “is this a-” Brown answers, “it’s a DeLorean.” Inside the bar, Huey Lewis talks with a second twentysomething man. The second twentysomething man asks, “what about that $5 you owe me,, man?” Johnny talks with a third twentysomething man in the crowd. The announcer says, “hey Huey, we’re ready for you!” Lewis takes the microphone on stage and says, “okay, this is it. We’re back, we’re back!” People clap and cheer.

A third twentysomething woman leans into Brown’s car and comments, “look at this stereo!” Brown tells them, “don’t touch that. It’s not a stereo.” The fourth twentysomething man asks, “what is it?” Brown responds, “it is what it is.” Back on stage, Lewis says, “I know it’s been a few years…but Hollywood finally called!” While people clap, he continues, “That’s it. Your favorite group is in the movie business.” In the parking lot, Brown asks, “what’s going on in there?” The fourth twentysomething man says, “it’s music! Dancing!” The third twentysomething woman adds, “it’s Huey!” A group of people say, “it’s rock and roll!” Brown says, “this is the place. I have to get in there. They’re expecting me.” The third twentysomething woman and fourth twentysomething man get inside the car. Brown asks two twentysomething woman “to keep an eye on my machine. ” He turns to the two people in his car, telling them, “don’t touch anything, I’ll be right back.”

As Brown walks through the crowd in the club, Lewis says, “I know it’s a good song and a good movie. They even have jackets. Gonzo, show them your jacket” Gonzo turns his back and shows the logo on his jacket. Brown raises his hand and runs out the club. In the parking lot, the car takes off. In the club, Lewis, Johnny, Chris, Mario, Bill and Sean perform on stage. Back in the parking lot, the doors on the DeLorean car. The fourth twentysomething man tells him. “Thanks Doc. What a great trip!”

Rating: 2.5/5

Dr. Emmett Brown walks on the sidewalk and looks for a newspaper stand. The fourth twentysomething man asks “what happened to the club?” Brown says he wants to know what year it is. The fourth twentysomething man views a screen with the date: May 28, 2050. He points to it and motions for Brown to come over. Brown says for him to stay with him and don’t do anything.

A fifth twentysomething woman walks by. The fourth twentysomething man comments, “wow! It looks like the third twentysomething woman.” Brown tells him it could be a relative. The fourth twentysomething man walks up to her and says, “you look familiar.” The third twentysomething woman says she’s lived here all her life. He asks her if she’s related to the third twentysomething woman. The fourth twentysomething woman says, “she’s her great-great-grandma. I never met her.” He asks if he could see pictures. Brown gets between them and says, “we have to get home. There’s no time.”

The fourth twentysomething man whispers to him. “why? She could be my family.” Brown notices him fading and says they have to go now. He grabs him and pulls him into the car. While in the car, he tells him to hold on. The fourth twentysomething man screams as they drive through the portal. Brown returns to the parking lot and locks the car after the the fourth twentysomething man gets out. The fortysomething man says he’d visit a different year every single day. Brown says they are here for Lewis. He has to know. The fourth twentysomething suggests they take Lewis with them. Brown pushes through the crowd and calls out for Lewis. Lewis shakes his hand. Brown urges him to come with him. He has a chance to change his future. Lewis says he appreciates but he has to leave town. He hands him some merch and tells him to have a good day. Brown says he’ll try again as he walks back to his car.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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