Video Review: Majestic & Boney M “Rasputin”

Lit in crimson red, Nebulina smirks as she sits at the table. She walks along the line of performers on backstage and pretends to bite at a twentysomething man. A fiftysomething man holds a clipboard with a list and lets a second twentysomething man into the back door of the club. A thirtysomething man watches from the sidewalk.

At the judge’s table, Count Immaculate throws up her hands. Pertrudia Longpaws leans forward. Sham Payne, a sixtysomething woman, drinks wine and falls asleep. A fiftysomething man shakes his head as the second twentysomething man dances. The thirtysomething man approaches the fortysomething man, who holds him back. The thirtysomething man looks into his eyes. The fortysomething man’s eyes dilate.

Two thirtysomething woman, wearing red sequined outfits dance. They wave multi-colored electric fans as they perform and breath fire. The judges rate them a one. The thirtysomething man receives a drink after dilating the thirtysomething woman’s eyes behind the bar. The judges point to him as he walks up to their table. He performs his dance and hypnotizes the judges. Rose petals from the ceiling as the people in the club join in his routine.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nebulina watches as dozens of people walk backstage. She calls for them to stop and asks to see their papers from Count Immaculate. They stand in a line and present their paperwork. Nebulina shakes her head, saying “it can’t be right.” She snaps her fingers, saying she needs the fortysomething man. The fortysomething man tells her it’s correct. He went over the list with Pertrudia Longpaws, who approved it. Nebulina says something’s off.

She feels her eyes dilate and begins to sway. Longpaws catches her and asks if she’s okay. Nebulina says she got a little woozy. Longpaws it happens to her sometimes after some pills. Nebulina says she didn’t take anything. Longpaws comments her last episode was the auditions and she only drank that night. Nebulina says they have to go through the list.

The thirtysomething man talks with a twentysomething woman. The third twentysomething woman says she was surprised she got the job. The thirtysomething man tells her she did great. The third twentysomething woman says she told her parents and they are here tonight. She points them out. Nebulina walks backstage and says there has been a mistake. Something happened last week. The thirtysomething man stares into her eyes. Nebulina’s eyes dilate and she says, “everybody remember what they practiced?” The people nod. Nebulina tells them good luck and to get changed. The show is about to  start.

Director: Charlie Rees Year: 2021

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