Video Review: Gerald Levert “Thinkin’ About It”

Gerald Levert, wearing a robe, sits in a chair, his hands folded by his face. Several twentysomething men and women dance in the hallway by the fireplace. A twentysomething woman sits across from him and looks at the photographs on the floor. The blinds close.

Through the keyhole, the twentysomething woman stands in a bathtub. A twentysomething runs his hand on her leg. They kiss. Levert stands in hallway by a painting. The twentysomething man whispers into the twentysomething woman’s ear. Levert and the twentysomething cuddle and talk in the bathroom. At night, Levert drives his car. The twentysomething rolls an ice cube on her neck. Levert dances by the staircase. The twentysomething woman lies on the couch.

Rating: 4/5

Gerald Levert sorts through the pants in the dresser. He was looking for a specific pair of black pants. Under a pair of pants, he sees some photographs. In each photo, the twentysomething woman was with a twentysomething man. They were kissing and laughing. He puts his hand on his mouth. It couldn’t be real.

The twentysomething woman places her purse on the table and says one of her friends say hi. Levert puts the photographs back and walks into the family room. He asks her about dinner. She smiles and says she tried creamed asparagus. Levert says he’ll have to give it another chance. She kisses him on the cheek and asks if he wants to watch a movie. He says he’s going to take a drive.

Levert asks the twentysomething woman how long she’d been seeing the other guy. The twentysomething woman says it’s only been about four months. Levert tells her it’s been on his mind. He keeps seeing her with the other man. She says she didn’t want to hurt him. Levert says they should go their seperate ways. The twentysomething woman says she’ll move out as soon as possible. Levert says she has until the end of the month. The twentysomething woman says for him to send her part of the bills. Levert says he’ll write up what she owes. The twentysomething woman walks up the stairs and looks back at him.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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