Video Review: Regard, Troye Sivan & Tate McRae “You”

Lit in electric blue, a twentysomething woman walks up to a computer and bypasses the system. She enters Regard’s password and goes into his cloud. She reads an e-mail to Regard, asking to “please keep private.” On several monitors, she sees Tate McRae and Troye Sivan lit in aqua.

She clicks on the lower left monitor. Lit in aqua and switching to magenta, Sivan stands against the background. On another monitor, he’s lit in crimson red. She sends an e-mail from Regard’s account and finds Sivan’s email. As she scrolls his pictures, she picks one of him in bed. Using the mouse, she cuts out his face. The twentysomething woman dances in front of the monitors.

The twentysomething woman lies on the floor. In her notebook, she circles “Troye.” She access McRae’s text messages. One text message from Sivan reads: “hey did you get any weird texts from me? I think someone hacked me.” Aqua swirls around McRae as she sits on a chair and a crystal striped box. Lit in lime green, the twentysomething woman dances.

The twentysomething woman searches through the computer. She cuts McRae’s head out of the photos and places a camera in her car. McRae sits on the car against the aqua swirling background. Back in lime green, the twentysomething woman sits on the bed and scrolls through her phone. She rubs and dances with a giant stuffed teddy bear. Error messages fill the main monitor. Lit in crimson, she stares into the mirror and walks to the desk with her drink. Regard sits down at his laptop. He taps the keys as error messages tell him “account locked.”

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman holds the cursor over Tate McRae’s face and sends the photo her phone. While searching through her files, she sees McRae was having a horrible day sometime last week. It surprised her. McRae was beautiful and a star. The twentysomething imitates McRae as she sits on the car.

McRae had enough, though. The twentysomething woman could sing, too. She had been rejected from the school play. Her mom told her she could try again next year. She thinks of McRae, who had an extended play and several videos online. The twentysomething woman deletes McRae from the files on Regard’s laptop. She inserts files of her singing. Perhaps it could convince Regard to ask her to sing on a song. She sends a text message to Troye Sivan, from McRae, calling him a homophobic slur.

Sivan types and then stops. The twentysomething woman texts McRae, She asks a random question. Every five minutes or so, she checks her phone for a response. She sends it again. If only McRae would answer. McRae would want to be her friend. She’d help her improve her voice. However, she had to get her out of the way. Sitting on her bed, she tells her giant teddy bear, they are going to be moving to Los Angeles soon and he’ll have to be nice to McRae. McRae writes back, “you must have the wrong number.” The twentysomething smiles and holds her phone against her chest.

Director: Courtney Phillips Year: 2021

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