Video Review: Sheryl Crow “Leaving Las Vegas”

Against a black background, two claps their hands and show their palms. Sheryl Crow sings A person, wearing a sequined striped uniform, snaps their fingers. In black-and-white, Crow plays guitar in the desert while Elvis impersonators fall from the sky.

In color, candles sit by a painting of Wayne Newton on a table. Back in black-and-white, several fortysomething woman, wearing uniforms, spread out their hands. Three twentysomething women, wearing feathered headpieces and sequined bras and bikini bottom, raise their hands as they walk. A thirtysomething man (Peter Berg) drives on the road. Crow sits in the passenger seat. The thirtysomething man smokes his cigarette and glances at her.

Against the black background, one of the Elvis impersonators slicks his hair back. In black-and-white, the thirtysomething man sweats as he runs into the twentysomething women and Elvis impersonators. One of the them flies in the air and kneels on the road.

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl Crow looks at the business card of the thirtysomething man as he sits in the car. The thirtysomething man rambles he is the leading man at his firm. A national case just hit his law firm. He’s going on television everywhere soon. Crow places the business card on the seat. The thirtysomething man’s was dilated. She had seen versions of him inside the casino, puffing their chests and gambling away their salaries in a single night. He probably had an ex-wife and girlfriend somewhere who were probably happy he was gone.

She puts gas in the car. He shuffles in the front seat and searches in the glove department. Crow watches him find a small packet. She taps the passenger seat, startling him. He wipes his nose. She tells him it’s her stop. The thirtysomething man says they still have an hour or two to go. Crow says she’s familiar with this part of town and tells him to have a safe trip. After he drives off, she calls her sister on the pay phone.

She places her duffel bag on the carpet of her sister’s home. Her sister asks her how long she’s staying this time. Crow says she’s finished with Vegas. Her sister replies, “hmmm.” Crow says she wants to sit in an office and be bored all day. Her sister says she’ll miss the money. Crow tells her “yeah” but she’ll away from the crazy. Her sister says she thrives on the crazy. Crow takes a pillow out the linen closet and says there was just too much. Her sister says she wants hear the story. Crow finds her blanket and puts on the couch. She takes the takeout menu off the fridge and says she’ll tell her over dinner.

Director: David Hogan Year: 1994

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