Video Review: Trippie Redd & Playboi Carti “Miss The Rage”

At night, Trippie Redd pours gasoline in a line on the car and road. The car explodes in flames. He dances a few feet away from the car. Playboi Carti stands in the background. In infrared blue, the flames bubble.  Flames burn up a wall while Redd’s face is superimposed on it.

Redd forms a heart with his hand. Flames cover several chairs in the parking lot. The fire runs along the gate. A bicycle hits the car. Redd hits a vase and a mannequin. Carti stands in front while Redd walks near the car. It rotates between color and infrared blue. A burning tire rolls on the road. Redd covers his eyes. The cars turn in infrared blue.

Rating: 0/5

Trippie Redd dumps the vases in a garbage bag. Playboi Carti says they have to get rid of all this stuff. Redd says he was able to sell the watches, though. Carti asks if they are sure they can’t sell the car. Redd says his buyer won’t take it. He says he doesn’t want the cops anywhere near his place.

Redd walks home and sits by the window. Every so often, he glances out the window. Several police officers survey the burned car and other objects. Redd walks away and washes his hands by the sink. He texts Carti and lets him know cops were around the area. Carti responds someone was just reporting it.

Carti walks into liquor store in the area and grabs a liquor bottle. He raises the bottle to the clerk and leaves.  The clerks knew better than to question him. He drinks it while he continues to walk. Redd stands on the corner and nods. Carti texts him he was able to sell some of the other things. Redd says he’ll pick it up later.

Director: Nick Walker Year: 2021

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