Video Review: Michelle Branch “Goodbye To You”

Michelle Branch leans against her car as she stands in the parking lot. She holds a jar with a goldfish in it and walks to a puddle. Opening the jar, she lets the goldfish go. Earlier, she drives through the forest. The jar sits on the dashboard as she makes waves her hand.

She sits on a log and plays her guitar. From her car window, she watches as the forest burns. Several firefighters stand on the road and extend their hoses towards the trees. Back at the hotel, she takes the goldfish and says goodbye to an 18-year-old woman lying on the bed. She takes off her necklace at the pawn shop and hands it over to the fiftysomething man behind the counter. He counts cash in her hand. She points to a car in a lot and buys it.

A twentysomething man flops onto the hotel bed. A goldfish swims in the sink. Branch hangs out with the 18-year-old woman and twentysomething man at a bar. Branch sits next to the twentysomething man inside the train car. He writes, in pen, “dreamer” on her finger. The twentysomething man and 18-year-old woman kiss on a mat on a field. She, the twentysomething man, 18-year-old woman and 18-year-old guy walk on the field towards the train.

Branch grabs her guitar case and leaves Hardy’s in Fresno, California. Crossing the street, she continues to walk. She puts on the necklace in front of the mirror in the dressing room. She touches the shoulder of the twentysomething man.

Rating: 3.5/5

Michelle Branch signs an autograph for a 16-year-old girl. The 16-year-old girl says she’s so inspired by her. Branch closes her guitar case. A woman calls out, “hey!” Branch squints at the woman walking towards to her. Hands on her hips, the woman says she always knew she was different from them. Branch says, “the train.” The now-twentysomething woman grins and says she can’t remember the last time she hitched a ride on the train.

Branch asks the twentysomething woman to wait for her. She walks up to a thirtysomething man and tells him she’s going to be another hour or two. The thirtysomething man says, “sounds good” as he loads the truck. Branch walks back to her and points to a bar. The twentysomething woman says she doesn’t drink anymore. Branch says that’s fine.

What about the twentysomething man? Branch rubs her finger where he had once written dreamer. She thought of him every time she performed. Even though she missed the twentysomething woman, she had wanted to twentysomething man to be with her. The twentysomething woman says the twentysomething man got killed a few years ago. He was driving to doctor’s appointment and got hit. Branch gasps and blinks back tears. The twentysomething woman says their son took it really hard. Branch nods and pulls back her hair. She checks the ti on her watch and says she has to go. While walking back to the truck, tears run down her face.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2002

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