Video Review: Youngboy Never Broke Again “White Teeth”

Lit in teal, Youngboy Never Broke Again burns some money as he stands on a parking lot. A twentysomething woman, wearing a thong bikini, pulls on the strap of her sombrero. Several twentysomething women, wearing thong bikinis, stand by the car as he wears a burning sombrero.

Two twentysomething women suck on candy between their lips at the bar. Youngboy opens a case of jewelry on the floor. A group of twentysomething women stand behind him. Lit in a hazy red, he dances against a navy blue background with a pointed white laser stripe on the wall. He multiplies into three as he continues to dance. A second twentysomething woman shakes her butt as he claps.

Lightning strikes as Youngboy and one of his friends dances by the car. Lit in hazy red, one of the twentysomething women’s butt grows larger as she shakes it. Two multi-colored sombreros fly above him as he dances by the car. His face becomes a paper cut-out as he points to his smile in the store. One of his friends slaps the twentysomething woman’s butts as they shake them. Youngboy pats one of the twentysomething woman’s butts. He eats some candy as he walks down an aisle in the store.

Youngboy points to his smile and it becomes enlarged. He sits on top of the car and shakes a maraca. One of the twentysomething women sits on a bed. Youngboy watches the twentysomething women as he stands in the parking lot.

Rating: 0/5

Youngboy Never Broke Again opens his flask and drinks as he walks through the aisle of the store. A twentysomething woman tears open a package of sour gummy worms. Youngboy suggests they challenge each other for $100. The twentysomething woman pops one in her mouth. A second twentysomething woman bites on it. The twentysomething women cheer them on. Youngboy couldn’ve given them more. However, $100 was a lot to them. It was grocery money.

His friend comments the twentysomething women have great butts. Youngboy says he’s felt each of them and they are decent. However, they could be improvement. His friend pats his arm and says he’s  going to get a drink. Youngboy says they should ask the women if they want anything. His friend calls out they are going some water and walks away.

The manager tells them they have to leave. Youngboy smirks and says they are going now, right after they pay. He places a $500 on the counter and the empty packets, saying it should be enough to cover everything. The manager tells him they are banned. Youngboy shrugs and motions for the everyone to follow him out of the store.

Director: Picture Perfect Year: 2021


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