Video Review: Leah Andreone “It’s Alright, It’s Ok”

A hose lays on the lawn. A fortysomething man pulls up in the driveway of his home and opens the garage door. Leah Anderone stands against at a paint-splattered wall. She sits on the kitchen table as the fortysomething man walks into the bathroom. Lit in aqua, he takes out some pills and walks back into the family room. Through the window, she watches a fortysomething woman wash dishes at the sink.

Back in the family room, the fortysomething man watches television as an 8-year-old girl jumps on the chair and a 3-year-old girl runs around. Lit in aqua, she rests her head against the drawer in the refrigerator and drinks from a flask. She picks at a pear. A 16-year-old girl stands in the mirror in her bedroom and changes into her band uniform. She marches and twirls her baton.

Lit in aqua, she waves a flashlight of the portraits of her family on the wall as she walks up the staircase. Back in color, she lies on the floor and wraps the phone cord around her body. In aqua, she touches the curtain on her window and swims into the pool. The fortysomething man and woman run in the hallway as things start to fly in the air. The 16-year-old girl wakes up in bed. Back in aqua, Anderone cracks an egg against the shelf in the refrigerator. On the lawn, she dodges paper as it flies by her.

Rating: 1/5

Leah Anderone slams the door of her bedroom. Her stepfather calls out that she’s grounded. She opens the window and climbs out. She tiptoes on the lawn and walks to her best friend’s house on the block. In her purse, she holds her liquor bottle close to her. Her stepfather wouldn’t even notice it was gone.

Her best friend peeks out her bedroom and says her parents are asleep. Anderone lights up the joint and passes it to her best friend. Her best friend says she needed it after the day she had. Anderone says her little sister was practicing the baton for band and hit her in the head. Her best friend touches her hair and says she doesn’t feel a bump. Anderone says she had to take an aspirin. She exhales and lies on the floor.

Anderone opens the front door of her home. Her stepfather sits on the couch, his arms crossed. She says she just took a quick trip to the store. Her stepfather calls her a bum. Anderone scoffs, telling her, she’s not the only one in the room and walks up the stairs.

Director: N/A Year: 1997


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