Video Review: Elisa Fiorillo “How Can I Forget You”

A crew member pulls on a rope near a ladder in a studio. Wearing a black dress, she sits and listens. In a jacket, t-shirt, skirt and hat, she leans against the balcony. Back in the studio, she stretches out on the couch. A crew member rolls the dolly.

Carrying her shopping bags, she glances at a store while walking on the sidewalk. She sits on one of her bags at the crosswalk. On the sidewalk, she leans against a glass window of a building. Back in the studio, she places her hand on the ladder. The director walks up to her and they discuss his notes. At home, a twentysomething woman lies next to her as they cuddle on the floor.

She dances against between two black walls in the studio. A busboy holds a towel in his hand as she sits at a table at a restaurant. She stares at the tablecloth. By the fireplace, she and the twentysomething smile at one another. Back in the studio, she walks up the ladder in the black dress. Wearing an ivory off-the-shoulder dress, she holds onto a pillow as she sits by the window. They kiss as they sit by the fireplace. A second twentysomething man checks her out as she walks by him. She disappears by the window. The twentysomething man looks out as he puts his foot on the windowsill.

The twentysomething man walks into the studio. The director rolls the dolly to film her. She looks up from the couch and sees him. Smiling, she runs up to him as he opens his arms. They hug and kiss.

Rating: 3/5

The hairstylist brushes Elisa Fiorillo’s hair as she sits in the chair. She reads the cover story about a famous couple in Hollywood and her lips quicker. The hair stylist comments the couple are so good together. It’d really hurt if they broke up. Fiorillo asks how they manage it. She works all the time and barely has time to breathe. The hairstylist tells her she’ll find a balance. Fiorillo says she doesn’t know if she ever will.

She turns her head as she walks up the staircase. The director tells her they’ll go again. She says she’s sorry. The director reiterates to her what they talked about. She stands by the staircase and waits for her cue. As she walks up the staircase, she thinks of the twentysomething man. However, she had no choice to let him go.

She drinks some coffee on her break. A crew member walks in line and gets some spaghetti. He waves to “hi” to her and she smiles. He says “the day is almost over.” She says, “yeah, almost.” As she stares, she thinks of being at the twentysomething man’s cabin. They had planned to do so months ago. However, she told him it was best if they ended things. She was going to be working all the time and won’t be able to spend time with him. Someone taps her on her shoulder. Raising her head, she sees its the twentysomething man. He sits next to her and says he’s heard a rough time today. She nods and says she can’t get through a single shot. He says he’ll be right behind the director. She grins and says it means a lot to her that he came.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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