Video Review: Avant & Kelly Rowland “Separated (Remix)”

At night, Avant nods his head as he sits on steps of the district courthouse. A twentysomething man hugs him and leaves. Kelly Rowland also hugs him. She crosses her arms and shakes her head as she listens to him. Back at home. Avant peeks through the door as Rowland dials the phone. He throws up his hand while she talks.

A twentysomething woman touches Avant’s face as they eat dinner. One of Rowland’s friends side-eyes him. Her boyfriend sips his drink and glares at him. Her friend talks with a second twentysomething woman. They all stare at Avant as he holds hand with the twentysomething woman.

He sits on the washer and laughs. Rowland takes out one of his shirts from the dryer. She finds two tickets and questions him. He explains as she throws them at him. She walks away. Rowland talks on the cell phone in her car. A second twentysomething man sits next to her. He walks out of their apartment and sees Rowland in the car with the second twentysomething man. Avant and Rowland continue to stand on the courthouse steps.

Rating: 2/5

Kelly Rowland puts on the radio as she drives. Avant turns the volume down and says she didn’t have to pick him up from jail. She says they are still friends. Avant says they really didn’t work as a couple. Rowland laughs and says her friends dislike him now, though. Avant says he expected them, too. Rowland says they might come around eventually.

Avant attends his hearing. He glances at the seats and sees Rowland. She smiles at him. He knew he could count on her. His current girlfriend wasn’t around. She had asked to come. However, he told her no and said nothing was going to happen. The judge gives him to a two-year sentence. Avant shakes his head. He smiles at Rowland as he gets handcuffed.

Rowland gives him some books and magazines during her visit. Avant fans through the pages and says he hadn’t heard of any of them. Rowland says they just came out last month. Avant says he’s getting a collection. He says he didn’t ever think he’d like the classics. She takes out pictures and says it’s from the wedding of the second twentysomething man. Avant laughs at a picture of Rowland dancing. Rowland says she was a little bit drunk. Avant says he can start going to weddings again in another couple of months or so. Rowland nods, saying not much longer.

Director: J. Jesse Year: 2000

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