Video Review: Billie Eilish “Lost Cause”

Wearing a sweatshirt and short shorts, Billie Eilish and several twentysomething women dance in the family room. In an sky blue camisole and robe, she sits on the bed with the twentysomething women. She and her friends run to the kitchen.

One of her friends throws a dart in the backyard. They spray each other with Silly String. Eilish laughs as she squirts her water soaker. She kisses one of twentysomething women on the lips. They lie on the Twister board. They drink soda and eat chips in the kitchen. She throws a jacket in her walk-in closet and stomps her foot. She sits on a chair while one of her friend rolls her around the room.

She and one of her friends dance on the bathroom sink. Eilish and her friends dance on the carpet in the family room. She holds a Lay’s bag of chips while dancing. In the bedroom, she points at her chest while talking to her friends sitting on the bed. She eats Fritos in the kitchen. One of her friends pulls her to the couch with everyone else.

She rests her head on one of her friend’s thigh while she shakes her butt on the game board. They play video games. She and her friends feed chips to each other. One of her friends puts her head on Eilish’s shoulder and touches her neck. Eilish eats whipped cream off her hand. She laughs as she joins her friends’ group hug. On the balcony, she sprays Silly String over her breasts. She and her friends jump off the couch.

Rating: 2/5

Billie Eilish puts on her neutral sweatshirt and short shorts. Her friends had a required color scheme for their outfits. One of her friends within the group told her she had to adhere to it or be kicked out. Eilish had said, “kicked out.” Her friend says they are serious about it. She has to talk to some people in secret. Otherwise, they’ll tell her to leave, too.

One of her friends tells her she has a cool house. However, she adds, that she has a third floor. Eilish shrugs and says she may get a third floor for her own place. A second friend raids her closet and finds games. Some of them comment that they haven’t played the games since middle school. Eilish explains her parents keep them around for her nieces. The second friend takes out Twister and says they are going to change a rules a bit.

During her turn, Eilish puts her hand on red. A third friend asks her if she’d ever kissed a girl. Eilish blushes and says no. The third friend says she can be a lesbian for two seconds, if she wants. Eilish says, “okay” and pecks her friend on the lips. A fourth friend grins, saying “ahhh” and plays footsie with Eilish. Eilish giggles and says she’d distracting her. The fourth friend winks and says it’s the point. Eilish’s heart pounds as she accidently puts her hand on her third friend’s knee. She wasn’t sure if she liked it or was uncomfortable. Her new group of friends were outgoing and popular. She was surprised they even wanted to hang out with her. One of her friends asks her about the liquor. Eilish hesitates and says it might be in the basement. She hangs her head. Her parents were going to notice. But they might understand.

Director: Billie Eilish Year: 2021

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