Video Review: Dua Lipa “Love Again”

A cowboy hat hangs on the rack. It lifts off the rack and flies in the air by itself. The chandeliers light up as Dua Lipa catches the hat as it drops. In a zebra print top, she puts on the hat and in silhouette, rides the mechanical bull. A twentysomething woman, wearing a yellow cowboy outfit, sits on the mechanical bull.

Wearing a Blumarine top, she pauses in the air as she rides. In a Miu Miu jacket, she sits at a table and breaks an egg into a bowl. An oversized egg hangs from the ceiling. Wearing an animal print bra top and jacket, Lipa dances with several people. some of who are clown makeup on their faces. Some men sit at the restaurant, wearing clown makeup. A fiftysomething man, with clown makeup, puts parsley on his eggs.

Lipa mixes the colors in the bowl. A twentysomething man applies makeup to a second twentysomething man’s face. Three men lasso the oversized giant egg. Wearing a lit up outfit, she twirls a lasso in the air. She rides an invisible mechanical bull as she holds onto the saddle. The men and women dance in a circle around her. A horse, with a light up saddles, walks through the hall. The men fall down as the egg disappears. Wearing clown makeup, Lipa touches her lips and smears the third twentysomething man’s jacket.

Rating: 3/5

Dua Lipa wipes her hand in the napkin. She pushes her plate of wings away and drinks some beer. A twentysomething man, her ex-boyfriend, was laughing in the corner with his friends. A thirtysomething woman shouts “yeah!” as she rides the mechanical bull. She leans back in her chair and watches the thirtysomething woman hang on. The server comments the thirtysomething woman is here every weekend. She’s the best rider. Lipa says she’d like a turn. The server says for her to go up to the area and they’ll call her.

As she waits her turn, her ex-boyfriend walks up to her. She sips her drink as he tells her he understands why she was upset. He says they can try again. It’ll be a fresh start and says they can start slowly. Lipa slurps her drink and tells him they were toxic together. A fortysomething man walks up to her and says it’s her turn. She says she’ll be right back.

As she rides the bull, she locks eyes with her ex-boyfriend. It was happening again. She had told herself she was going to the bar to show him. However, she wanted to impress him. She slips off the bull. He runs up to her and asks if she’s okay. She puts his hand on his shoulders and says she’s okay. He puts his arm around her and says he’ll take her home.

Director: N/A Year: 2021


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