Video Review: Little Richard “Great Gosh A’Mighty”

Inside a Beverly Hills, California mansion, Max (Evan Richards), a character from the 1986 film, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, films a party in his home. In black-and-white, he zooms in on his parents, Barbara (Bette Midler) and Dave (Richard Dreyfus)

In the family room, Orvis Goodnight (Little Richard) plays the piano while his parents’ friends dance. Max puts his video camera on his bed while his dog wags its tail. He searches through his drawers and finds a remote. It opens into a secret room of monitors. On the monitors, Barbara and Dave point at him. He types on the computer and turns the cameras on in the other rooms.

He moves the camera in the maid’s bedroom and switches it. On the monitors, he watches black-and-white videos of people circa 1950s dance. Max dances as he watches Little Richard perform on a television show in the 50s. He turns the volume up and rewinds one of the videos. Back on the computer, he brings up the floorplan of his home. The screen says “all systems ready!” He presses the button and sparks go off in various sections of the backyard.

On the videos, he watches as his parents and friends run out of the house. The fortysomething man, dressed as Santa Claus, falls into the pool. Max laughs as the dog scratches on the wall and activates the security alarm. Several police cars arrive at the home. On the monitor, he sees himself dancing against a hot pink background. The dog changes the channel on the remote and watches a Kanine Krunches commercial.

Rating: 2/5

Max pays the fee for the false alarm and invites some of his friends over. His mother watches as his friends walk his into house and says “no allowance for a month.” Max motions for his friends to follow him upstairs. His parents tried to punish him. However, he never worked. They had the maid unhook his electronics once. But then he didn’t hand in a paper that week and got trouble. His parents asked the maid to connect it again.

He shows his friends some security tape. They laugh as the maid trips over some towels. Max says his dad doesn’t ever pick them up. One of his friends says he has to attend one his dad’s galas. Max says he’ll liven it up. His friend says he needs to hire a stripper. Max says it’s a good idea and finds the phone book.

Max sits in class and stares out the window. There wasn’t much need to do schoolwork. His parents had donated to their alma maters for years. His acceptance was all but guaranteed. He could fail every class and still get in. The teacher asks him a question. He tells a joke. The teacher writes out detention and says he’s going to get suspended. Max tells another joke.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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