Video Review: Chris Isaak “Somebody’s Crying”

Several surfboards stand up in front of a house. The waves crash onto the shore in the evening. Two twentysomething women (Jennifer Rubi amd Jenna Elfman) and two twentysomething men (Zen Genser and Chris Penn) sleep on the floor of the home. Chris Isaak plays his guitar on the porch at night.

Isaak puts his jacket over the twentysomething woman’s (Rubin) shoulders as she joins him on the porch. The twentysomething woman, the second twentysomething woman (Elfman) and two twentysomething men sit by a campfire on the beach. The twentysomething men and Isaak take their surfboards. Isaak stares at the twentysomething woman. The second twentysomething sits on the hood of the car and looks up from her magazine. Isaak kisses the twentysomething woman. She runs her hand through his hair as they stand on the beach.

In silhouette, he sits on the railing on the fence. She turns her head as he gets on his surfboard. She and her friends lie on the beach, talking and sunbathing. They play a game of Frisbee. The twentysomething picks up Isaak’s guitar as she stands on the patio. At sunset, he walks on the beach, carrying his surfboard.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman parks her car in the parking lot and glances at the beach as she walks. The beach still felt like home to her. She and a former boyfriend had lived there for a year. Shielding her eyes, she watches as the people stand up on their surfboards. She crosses the street again and heads towards the beach entrance.

Taking off her shoes, she walks on the sand and smiles. A twentysomething man waves to her and drops his surfboard. He calls out to her and she stops in her tracks. She wasn’t expecting anyone to still be here. The twentysomething man says he was just thinking about her the other day. She tells him it’s good to see him. He says he has to show her around. She points at the beach bar. He says they just put that in last year. She says they would’ve gotten so drunk. He laughs and says he can get her a drink.

The twentysomething man says Isaak run a surfboarding competition two years ago. He’s a professional surfer now. She says “wow!” Her former boyfriend loved to surf and swim. It was because of him that she knew how to swim. He waves and says the Isaak is actually here, if you want to see him. She says it’s okay. However, Isaak walks up to them and says hello. The twentysomething woman smiles and says it’s nice to meet him. Isaak says her name and she says it’s her. He puts his head down and she reminds herself to keep her hand at her side.

Director: Bill Pope Year: 1995

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