Video Review: Amy Grant “Find A Way”

Within a photo album, a house sits on a large piece of land. In the photo, Amy Grant walks to the table near a tree. Rain falls on the window as a thirtysomething man rocks in his chair. In silhouette, Grant takes her clothes out of the drawers and puts them in suitcase. She walks out the door as he continues to rock.

Grant snaps her fingers as she sits on a garden box against a white background. Back in silhouette, the thirtysomething man places his hands on Grant’s shoulders as they talk. Wearing a red dress, she walks on the rooftop at night. In silhouette, a thirtysomething woman slams down the phone. A second thirtysomething stands outside the door. The thirtysomething man walks up the stairs while the thirtysomething woman shuts the door.

Grant dances by the white door. Back in silhouette, the thirtysomething woman and man argue. She places her head on his chest. By the door, she takes off her jacket and spins it around her. As it spins, her jacket becomes a swirl of pink, yellow and blue painted lines.  Wearing a blouse and capri pants, she sits on a rock on the beach. She dances by the table.

Rating: 2.5/5

Amy Grant rubs her stomach and sits on the couch. Her husband sips his coffee as he reads the newspaper. She tells him dinner is going to be a little late. Her husband heaves an irritated sigh and says he’ll cook himself up a tv dinner. Grant says she can do it. It’s just her back is so sore. She wanted to get some rest. Her husband mutters something under his breath and she gives a sheepish smile as she looks at her stomach. He was just stressed about the baby.

Divorce was out of the question. Her friends at church would drop her. Her husband may take the children away from her. She washes the dishes and tells herself it’s a rough patch. They’ll get through it. Her five-year-old girl asks to watch television. She walks into the family room and puts on some cartoons. Her husband writes in his notebook. She sits next to their five-year-old and says she’ll watch her for awhile.

Grant kisses her husband. She smooths out his tie and says he looks handsome. He says she’s beautiful. Grant grins and asks him if he wants to dance. He takes her hand. She puts her head on his shoulder. It was like when they first met all over again. Those moments had become few and far between over the years. But it was worth it to just feel the hope and promise every so often.

Director: Thomas Schlamme Year: 1985

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