Video Review: Cochise & $not “Tell Em”

Cochise and $not walk on a lawn. $not drives the tractor as Cochise sits in the lift. Cochise listens to a music on headphones in a narrow hallway. A headphone in his ear, he sits on the floor. They dance in a room decorated with photos of their faces.

In a split screen, Cochise and $not talk to each other on the phone. They sit at a table on the road and talk. A twentysomething man shoots Cochise in the head. $not looks around in his seat. He puts a bandage on Cochise and helps him up. They sit back at the table and play dominoes. A truck careens towards them and runs them over. Lit in lavender, they lie on the ground. They stumble as they stand up and walk away from the table.

Rating: 3/5

Something bad was going to happen. Cochise explains that they shouldn’t hang out. $not says he’s being paranoid. Cochise says he may be right and tells them he’ll see him tomorrow. However, as he drinks, the pit in his stomach lingers. He opens his door and peeks out. Nothing was out there.

$not and Cochise walk across the street. Cochise puts his arm in front of $not as a car continues to speed by. $not pulls him from the street. They roll over on the ground. People ask them if they are okay. $not says he’s a bit shaken up. Cochise says he has to sit down.

Cochise sets up the dominoes on the ground. $not shows him a plan of the design he made. Cochise lies on the ground and makes certain the dominoes line up. $not lets out a scream and runs off. Cochise shakes his head and continues to set up the dominoes. $not shouts at Cochise to move. Cochise starts to say “shut” and then lies on the ground. $not curses out the driver. The driver apologizes and says he’ll call the ambulance. $not slaps Cochise’s face. Cochise whispers, “I should’ve stayed home.”

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2021

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