Video Review: Icona Pop & Charli XCX “I Love It”

In black-and-white, Aino says to the interviewer “a horrible thing that we started now. When you pass somebody that looks really good, we always go oh shit! Check that out!” Caroline laughs as she sits next to her. Caroline and Aino walk by a fence and dance by the posts.

In color, people walk in an airport. Luggage rolls by on the assembly line at baggage claim. They walk into their hotel room. The streamers on Aino’s jacket fly in the air as she stands on the sidewalk. Aino writes “Icona Pop” on the wall of the club. They sing on stage. Pink streamers on Caroline’s jacket fly towards her face as she dances on the sidewalk.

People dance at the club. A twentysomething man laughs. In black-and-white, the lyrics of the bridge cover their faces as they sing. Back in color, they point to places as they sit in the backseat of a car. Caroline talks with lettuce in her mouth. While Caroline sings, it changes to multiple screens of her mouth. A second twentysomething man takes a picture on his phone. A twentysomething woman dances and blows a kiss. A third twentysomething man claps his hands.

Rating: 2/5

Caroline kisses a twentysomething woman on the cheek. The twentysomething woman says she has to come over before they leave. Caroline says they’ll stop in for an hour or two. Aino chimes in and says they can meet for breakfast. The twentysomething woman says they’ll have to set it up.

The club photographer take a picture of Aino and Caroline with a twentysomething man. Aino dances with the twentysomething man. Caroline sips her drink and asks to see his other pictures. The club photographer says some of the regular showed up. Caroline laughs at one of the pictures and says, “of course they got back together.” The club photographer says he found pictures of them and asks if they’d like copies. Caroline says to send her copies and walks away to the stage.

Aino thanks everyone for coming to the show. Caroline mentions they don’t when they’ll be returning. Aino puts her arm around Caroline, says, “we’ll miss hanging out with you guys.” Aino says may not get back to everyone right away. But they’ll still be in touch. Aino and Caroline grin at each other. Caroline says “one more song?” Aino nods and they sing again.

Director: Fredrik Etoall Year: 2013

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