Video Review: Polo G & Lil Wayne “Gang Gang”

A dark cloud hovers over Polo G’s car as he drives to his house with Lil Wayne. Teal lightning strikes the car and him. The lightning stretches to the trees and surrounds a house. Within his eye, a twentysomething woman puts menus on the table as she seats G and his friends.

Back in teal, G, Wayne and his friends stand on the lawn and talk. The second twentysomething woman looks over of Starvey’s Diner. G sits at the end of the booth, sitting a table with several meals in front of him. Back at the first table, four women talk to each other. G talks with a third twentysomething at another table.

As electric blue lights flash, G plays basketball on his driveway. A friend of his dunks the ball. In teal, Wayne smokes his cigar and looks at it as he stands on G’s lawn. Lightning continues to strike the house. Wayne holds a cup as he sits on the porch railing. He sticks out his foot and it gets hit by lightning. A couple of twentysomething men play basketball. G and Wayne stand the lawn together.

Rating: 4/5

The engine rattles as Polo G drives home. He had to get it fixed. However, he had to pay for several house repairs first. It sputters as he turns into the driveway and then stalls. He calls up Lil Wayne and asks if he could pick him up in the morning. Wayne says he’ll be there by 8:00 a.m.

The twentysomething woman remarks to G that he has a nice house. G explains he just moved into it a couple months ago. He’s fixing it up, though. She asks if he had anyplace in mind. G says he made reservations at a restaurant in the city. She smiles and says it’s good thing she dressed up.

G apologizes about the reservation. The twentysomething woman opens the Starvey Diner’s menu and says it’s fine. G says he can’t believe he got the wrong date. The twentysomething woman says he’s had a crazy time lately. The server asks them if they are ready to order. G says he’ll have the pancakes. The server winks at him and says, “you’re favorite.” The twentysomething woman side-eyes and folds her arms across the table. G puts his head into his heads. His run of bad luck wasn’t over yet.

Director: Roscoe Year: 2021

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