Video Review: Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne “Let It Rock”

Teal and lime green lasers cross the stage as Kevin Rudolf performs. Rudolf and Lil Wayne stand back-to-back in silhouette holding guitars on the stage. Small golden bulbs shine on Rudolf as he sings into the microphone. Wayne points as he sings. Triangles repeat into smaller forms as Rudolf performs.

Rudolf stands on a large amplifier and taps his foot. A black-and-white image of himself plays on the screen. Wayne and Rudolf play their guitars while an audience dances. Red circles spin as Wayne raps into the microphone. In black-and-white, Rudolf sings within the screen. Wayne smashes his guitar. He dances while Rudolf plays the guitar next to him.

Rating: 4/5

Kevin Rudolf shakes Lil Wayne’s hand and says it was a good show. Wayne says it was fun and he’ll join in with him anytime. Rudolf gets his bag together and finds his book. He had some reading he wanted to get done on the bus. As he walks on the bus, he says hello the driver and takes his seat in the back. His drummer and guitarists wave to him as they play cards. He tells good night and opens his book.

Rudolf listens to the drummer as he practices. He tells the drummer, “you have to show me that later.” The drummer nods and says, “on the bus.” Rudolf goes over the song a couple more times and says they have it. He walks into the dressing room and goes over his talking points. He wanted to get every word right.

One of the band members from the talk show tells him he really likes the song. Rudolf smiles and say he’s glad enjoying it. The band members says he thinks of making an album and wants to know if he’ll be available. Rudolf takes his business card and says he’ll give him a call. Rudolf takes the car and heads back to the hotel.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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