Video Review: Willow & Travis Barker “Transparent Soul”

At night, long-haired Willow walks into a club. Lit in scarlet red, Willow (with a bob) headbangs as she performs on stage. Travis Barker drums off to the side. In electric blue, long-haired Willow steals a cigarette from a twentysomething man and exhales in his face. She bumps into a second twentysomething man, who gives her the finger.

In aqua, two twentysomething women lean into each other and almost kiss. Back in red, two other twentysomething women sit up on the couch as long-haired Willow pours their liquor bottle all over the table. She pushes a third twentysomething man, who tells her off. She gets in his face and curses at him while she walks away. A metal man watches her as she dance. Her eyes widen and she runs off.

She hangs onto the bathroom sink and clenches her teeth as she looks into the mirror. Back in red, a fourth twentysomething man sits by the window and listens. A fifth twentysomething man tilts his head back and drinks liquor. Back in color, long-haired Willow walks on the sidewalk and glances over her shoulder. The metal man follows her. She falls on the ground. He sits next to her and looks into her eyes. In her eyes, she sees a symbol forming. He stands up and she reaches for his hand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Long-haired Willow touches the metal man’s chest. It was cold and made of expensive material. As the metal man pats his chest, it clinks where his heart should be. She puts her ear close to it and listens to the hum. He steps away and looks at her. She grips her keys in the pocket.

The metal man turns around and returns to the inside of the club. Willow leans against  the wall, her body trembling. She checks her phone one and off for fifteen minutes. Her breathing back to normal, she continues to walk. She prided herself on others fearing her. However, the metal man seemed to analyze her vulnerabilities while she was by herself.

Long-haired Willow picks the door of the building by the club and walks inside. A thirtysomething man demands her to leave. Long-haired Willow shows him her knife and aims it to his hip. The thirtysomething man puts his hands in the air and allows her to walk. She pauses in the lobby as the metal man arranges the flowers. His head rotates and zeroes on in her. Willow inches away as the metal man approaches her.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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