Video Review: Coldplay “Higher Power”

Tattered flies in the air as Chris Martin walks on the planet. A drone circles him as he passes by a pile of metal pieces. A spaceship hovers over him and he tries to balance himself. He freezes as several neon lights flash. A female creature on a large screen observes him. Computerized spaceships spin above him.

A dozen creatures materialize on the road and dance. Martin dances in the middle. They release their powers into him. He continues to dance with them. They levitate in the air while fans cover their heads. One of the creatures reaches the top of their energy and forms a golden swirl around him. Covered in golden sparks, he spins. He runs down the street. The drones follow him.

Rating: 5/5

Chris Martin sits in his family room. He turns on his television, watches a movie and a limited series, eats two meals and takes a quick nap. He glances at the time on his phone and sees only a half hour has passed. Pressing a button, he asks the day. A robotic voice says its June 9. Martin says it can’t be right. The robotic voice projects the calendar on the wall and explains it’s the end of his first week on the planet.

Martin runs his finger under cold water. It was stinging from the sparks from the creatures. He hadn’t noticed any physical change in his body. The robot voice informs his spaceship has been ordered. Martin asks to see the invoice. The robotic voice says it’s complimentary. She says she’ll send him a question and answer form to his phone. Martin bites his lip and reads over the email.

A drone drops off some mail to him. It was from Earth. The letter notifies him of his return date, which was a 100 years from now. Martin places it on the table. It was still quite awhile before he had to contact the UK Space Agency. He taps the wall and looks inside the stores. He orders some clothes. On his arm, he notices some scales growing and checks the mirror. The robotic voice advises him it’s a part of the process and sends him some calming photos of landscapes while his body changes.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2021

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