Video Review: Janet Jackson “Together Again”

In Serengti, Tanzania, Janet Jackson sits on a rock in the African desert. A bird rests on a perch next to her. She and several people perform a dance routine on a tan platform. While people talk in a group, she sits with them, her hand on her cheek as she listens.

A 10-year-old boy sleeps on a elephant’s paw. A second elephant raises its tusk. A thirtysomething man walks with two leopards on the field. Jackson and a twentysomething woman sit with two panthers. A monkey leaps from a branch. A third twentysomething woman smiles as she pets the monkey. A fourth twentysomething woman stands by a tree. A second thirtysomething man and a thirtysomething man hold hands by the elephants.

Jackson and her friends dance near a golden lit tunnel. She sits against a tree while a second version of herself looks up. A 12-year-old girl walks with a lion. Jackson continues to sit with the elephants.

Rating: 5/5

Janet Jackson feeds the elephants by her. The lion protects the 12-year-old girl reading her book. A thirtysomething man holds a monkey. The animals were safe. They knew they could trust Jackson and her friends. Jackson touches a scar on the elephant. It had an escaped an attack. The elephant had stayed by itself when it found the park. She had talked to the elephant and sat by it until it felt comfortable to nuzzle her hand.

The lion roars. The leopards turn their heads. The giraffes lurk by the trees. Jackson and some of the people gather by the tunnel. Something was tracking them. A couple of people aim their bows. Jackson looks for her elephant. The lion roars again as people in ranger outfits walk on the sand. Jackson covers the 12-year-old’s eyes as the leopards lunge. The people shoot their arrows.

Jackson calls out for her elephant. The elephant had to be safe. The thirtysomething woman says if she’s had any luck. Jackson shakes her head and says she may know of a spot. The thirtysomething woman says she and a couple of people will look. Jackson sits by a tree near the rock. She closes her eyes and rests her head. While sleeping, she feels a nudge on her arm. She turns her head and sees her elephant. Petting its tusk, she tells it good morning.

Director: Seb Janiak Year: 1997


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