Video Review: Champaign “Try Again”

A framed black-and-white photo of Pauli and Rena sits on a table in the bedroom. Michael stands by the stereo. He turns around and sings on stage. Rena sings next to him. Michael, Leon and Dana play their instruments. At the park, they talk to each other at the fountain. A group of people walk towards them and they separate.

Rena laughs at one of her friend’s jokes as she and Pauli by the movie theater at night. She stops at the window of the restaurant and imagines sharing a glass of wine over dinner with Pauli. Pauli and Rena talk on the bridge. A thirtysomething man and woman stand across from them at the bridge and put their arms around each other. Rena throws up her hands and walks away from Pauli. Pauli dances with Rena.

Rena catches the football on the beach as Pauli runs alongside her. She imagines holding hands with Pauli on the beach. She plays Frisbee in the park with her friends. The Frisbee in her hands, she smiles at a twentysomething man and woman as they sit on the lawn. She imagines a server pouring drinks for Pauli and her as they sit on a table on the lawn. Pauli and Rena kiss on the couch.

Rating: 3/5

Rena slips a movie into the VHS machine and says she’d been wanting to see the move awhile to Pauli. Pauli bites into his popcorn and says they saved a ton of money staying home. Rena says they should a plan a night out. Pauli says they are with each other every day. Rena takes a pillow, saying she forgot her favorite television show was on and sits in their bedroom.

Pauli asks “what’s happening to us?” as Rena wraps a meal in plastic. Rena says she’s going out with a friend tonight. Pauli asks, “who?” Rena says, “Michael” and tells him to heat his dinner for 45 minutes in the oven. At the restaurant, Michael says he’d love to date but she’s still married to Pauli. Rena says she’s leaving him and orders them dessert.

Rena walks on the bridge at the park with Pauli. Pauli says he figured out how to make lasagna, He gives her a plate. She says, “thank you.” He was trying. She says it didn’t work with Michael. Pauli asks her if she wanted it work with Michael. Rena says she wasn’t sure. Pauli asks her to come home and suggests seeing a movie with him. Rena says there’s a comedy she wants to see. Pauli says he thinks they could still make a show.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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