Video Review: Marshmello & Jonas Brothers “Leave Before You Love Me”

The subway rides on the tracks at night in the city. Nick Jonas checks his phone as he sits in the seat. A twentysomething woman looks up from her book and stares at him. A twentysomething man taps his thumb on the pole. Kevin, Nick, Joe and Marshmello perform on the platform on the subway.

A second twentysomething man reads a note on his bed. It reads “I’m sorry” with a lipstick kiss on it. He sits on his bed and stares at her side of it. A second twentysomething woman packs a suitcase, grabs her keys and leaves. At night, Joe walks on the street. Lit in sky blue, Nick, Joe, Kevin and Marshmello perform on the rooftop. A third twentysomething woman dances in her apartment. A group of people dance in the club.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething woman highlights some passages in the book. She wanted to bring it up in book club. Nick Jonas tells her it’s a good book. She says she’s enjoying it so far and gets off at her stop. On her way, she gets some Danishes. She asks specifically for the cappuccino one. The twentysomething man she’d been talking to liked them.

The twentysomething man sits next to her at the meeting. He asks her about her day. She says she had a couple of meetings. He says it’s nice to see her in person. The twentysomething woman smiles and says, it’s good, too. She says she got a cappuccino Danish for her him. He takes it and says she’s observant.

She texts the twentysomething man a question about the book. Several periods show up and disappear. She puts the book down. When they were together at his apartment, they kissed and talked about their favorite books. It was the start of something. She puts the book in the drawer.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2021


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