Video Review: A-ha “Train of Thought”

In black-and-white, Morten, Magne and Paul perform in a train station. An animated car drives through a neighborhood. A group of people walk in a crowd. A thirtysomething man, wearing a hat and suit, carries a suitcase. A sixtysomething man, wearing glasses, observes.

Morten, Magne and Paul become animated. The wheels of a car spin as they drive on the road. A box covers part of a second thirtysomething’s man face. A thirtysomething woman walks in an office. A holographic train runs through the station. The thirtysomething man stares ahead. A second thirtysomething man smokes. A phone cord hangs in the air. A twentysomething man hangs up the phone. A human version of the thirtysomething man stands on the platform. Animated again, he continues to stare.

Rating: 3.5/5

The thirtysomething man presses on his horn. The light had already turned green. The person ahead of him moves and he continues to drive. While he drives, he listens to the radio. A storm was on its way. However, he’d be gone by then.

He locks his car door and takes out his suitcase. Ticket in hand, he walks inside and buys a coffee. As he sits, he watches the people as they stride into the station. A twentysomething woman holds her child’s hand. A sixtysomething man turns in a circle. A second thirtysomething man smokes as he waits in line.

Throwing the cup away, he stares at the floor. Once he got to his destination, he’d have to unpack and double check his iternarity. The conferences sometimes ran a little late. There may be some time to wander. A thirtysomething woman bumps into him and excuses herself. He tells her not to worry. He wasn’t paying attention. She tells him to have a good day. He watches as she walks to the restaurant.

Directors: Candice Reckinger & Michael Patterson Year: 1986

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