Video Review: Doja Cat “Need To Know”

A spaceship flies to the top of a tower. A chartreuse alien (Doja Cat) sips her drink as she sits on the teal couch. Her friends, some human (Grimes) and chartreuse alien, watch her play the video game. While they toast, golden light shines through her window.

Cat and her friends sit in the Uber spaceship. It twists and flips upside down as it flies through the city as they dance in their seats. The spaceships drops them off at the club. In black-and-white, a video camera records them walking inside. A statue’s eyes glow red, scanning Cat and her friends. The creature at the front door gives them the okay.

A twentysomething man (Cameron Saffle) notices Cat and whispers to the bartender. He puts some crystals on the counter. The bartender serves Cat a drink from the thirtysomething man. She dances with the twentysomething man. In a private, silver painted room, Cat sits on blue-haired twentysomething man’s lap on the couch. Lit in apple red, she lies on the floor of the silver painted room. She and her friends (Ryan Destiny, Grimes, Jazelle Straka-Braxton, and Josephine Pearl Lee) walk out of the club. She whispers in the twentysomething man’s ear as they stand on the sidewalk. His eyes glow as she stands with her friends.

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat switches the channel on the television. A message appears on screen from the twentysomething man at the club, asking to see her again. Cat blocks him and asks her servers to clear any tracks of him. A male voice asks if she’s sure. Cat says yes and watches as the code runs across the screen.

Cat sits on the couch and loads the saved version of her video game. While she plays, the twentysomething man appears beside her on the couch. She drops the controller and exclaims he’s a shapeshifter. The twentysomething man materializes into a solid form and nods. He says she has a great house. Cat gives him a small smile. The silent alarm should’ve gone off.

Two silver robots unlock her door and apprehend the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man explains he had permission. They were alone together at the club. The silver robots scan him and determine he’s a viable threat. One of the silver robots informs they have information and it has been recorded into the law enforcement database. Cat tells them to have a good day and returns to her game.

Directors: Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio Year: 2021

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