Video Review: Rauw Alejandro “Todo de Ti”

Rauw Alejandro, wearing headphones, plays the drums in his garage. Wearing sunglasses, he stands between the aisles of roller skates at the rink. A twentysomething woman walks into the garage, carrying a cardboard box. She holds up an old roller skate and asks him a question.

Alejandro and the twentysomething woman walk into the skating rink at night. Lit in rusted orange, he dances in the center of the drink. A twentysomething man checks out the twentysomething woman as she passes by him. The twentysomething man talks to her as she waits in line at the concession stand. Alejandro does a routine on the rink as she points to him.

Alejandro and his friends stand in a line and face off against the twentysomething man and his friends. Two twentysomething woman dab at the twentysomething man’s sweat as they dance. Alejandro spins and several women exclaim “ooh!” People perform tricks on their own. The twentysomething man shakes Alejandro’s hand. While wearing his headphones, he turns his head and shakes his head “no” as the twentysomething woman asks him about the roller skates.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rauw Alejandro rubs his ankle. It was going to rain sometime today or tomorrow. Back when he roller skated, he tripped and fell on the floor. He had to get a cast and walk on crutches for awhile. In between doctor’s appointments, he had to go to the dentist and fix his teeth. It was the last time he skated.

His mom had tried to get to him skate again. However, he told her he wanted to stay on solid ground. The pain was enough for him. He had been great at skating. On Saturday nights, he liked to show off his spins and pirouettes. At one point, he was thinking of a joining a competitive team.

The twentysomething woman says she’ll keep them just in case. Alejandro says he can’t even fit into them anymore.  The twentysomething woman spins and almost falls. She says she always wanted to perform tricks. Alejandro takes the skate and he tells her “no.” She pouts and says his mother has pictures of him in the scrapbook, turning and jumping on the rink. Alejandro says he may have a video somewhere and they can relive his skating days that way. The twentysomething woman grins and says, “then go the rink, just for old times.” He smiles an says he’ll think about it.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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