Video Review: Chase Rice & Florida Georgia Line “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.”

Chase Rice sits on his chair on his backyard at night. He pops open a beer and pours it into a plastic cup. Leaning back in his shoulder, he stares at the stars while his fire pit burns. Standing up, he clinks his cup with Tyler and Brian. They sit on chairs and talk.

Rice opens the refrigerator in the barn and takes out another beer. He throws one to Tyler and Brian. They walk by displays of beer cans. Rice stands underneath the American flag covering the front of his barn. They open the beer cans from the side and drink. Tyler grabs some wood and puts it in the fire. Brian pours some of his beer into the fire and laughs. They continue to talk in the chairs and talk.

Rating: 1/5

Chase Rice explains God never intended for them to wear masks and points to his flag. He says it’s about his freedom. Brian nods and says he’s been watching Youtube videos and says he’s not going to get the vaccine. He doesn’t know what it’s in it. Tyler scratches his head and responds once it’s his turn, he’s going. He doesn’t want feel that awful again. Chase raises his eyebrows. Brian looks down at his hands.

Tyler rests his arm on the armrest and says, “what about doctors? They wear masks all day long.” Rice says it’s different and cites a Bible verse. Brian nods and says, “God is good.” Tyler says he agrees God is good but his words shouldn’t be twisted. Rice glares at him. Tyler gets up and asks anyone if they want anymore beer. Rice and Brian respond, “yes.”

Rice tells Tyler he has to wake up and not to be a sheeple. Tyler tells him he believes in science. It was science that helped him get better. Brian says he has to do his own research. Tyler says he cares about them. However, they have to get change the subject. He starts talking about the upcoming baseball season. Rice says he’ll get some tickets and they’ll have to go to a game. Tyler says he’d have to get back to him.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2021

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