Video Review: Pepsi & Shirlie “Heartache”

Lit in royal blue, a twentysomething man turns his head. He pushes the twentysomething man next to him. Back in color, Pepsi walks between the twentysomething men against the royal blue background. A large door bursts open and Shirlie dances out of it. She dances by the twentysomething man standing on a platform and into the tiger orange background.

Against the tiger orange background, several twentysomething men stand on a platform. Shirlie pushes the twentysomething man down to the floor. As Shirlie dances by herself, it switches to the royal blue background. Returning to the tiger orange background, she and Pepsi dance on the platform.

Pepsi dances against the tiger orange background while the twentysomething men dance on the platform. Shirlie and Pepsi dance on the platform against the royal blue background. Pepsi and Shirlie put their hands on the twentysomething man. They dance on stage while the twentysomething men watch them on the floor. Shirlie bends down and talks right at one of the twentysomething men. They each dance on their platform and walk out of the door together.

Rating: 3/5

Pepsi puts on a jacket and tells Shirlie they are getting out of the house. Shirlie says she doesn’t feel like going out. Pepsi says they’ll feel better. Shirlie gets off the couch and says she’s going to find a movie. Pepsi sighs, saying they’ve watched every movie in both of their collections. Shirlie puts her hand on her cheek and bites her lip. She gets up and says she’s getting her purse.

Shirlie comments it’s nice outside. She’s been talking with her boyfriend and trying to figure things out. Pepsi and Shirlie move out of the 17-year-old girl as she roller skates by them. Pepsi says she may not want to hear it, but she’s going have to think about her self-interest. Shirlie says he didn’t know he was her friend. Pepsi puts her arm around her and says she’s going to buy her a frozen lemonade.

As they sit on the bench, eating their pretzels, Pepsi says she only went out with her boyfriend a few times. He didn’t ever mention he was seeing someone else. Shirlie cuts in, saying they weren’t serious yet. Pepsi continues, saying he should’ve told her about their dates. Shirlie turns her head and says it’s something to think about. Pepsi squeezes her shoulder and smiles at her.

Director: N/A Year: 1986 (link via Irish Sun)

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