Video Review: Céline Dion “The Power Of Love”

Lit in cornflower blue, Céline Dion opens her eyes. She sits on her bed. In color, she lies on the bed, touching her shoulder. She sits on a throne chair. In a white dress, she stands by a rose patterned wall. Back in cornflower blue, she touches the wall and closes her eyes.  Someone holds a magnifying glass to her face and body.

Wearing a fuzzy sweater her dress, she walks by the fireplace. She takes off the fuzzy sweater and paces. In cornflower blue, she turns her head and touches her cheek as she continues to stand by the fireplace. Back in color, she leans against the window. Back in cornflower blue, she puts her hand on the wall.

Rating: 2/5

Céline Dion bites her lip as she reads her romance novel. It was making her blush. She turns the page and realizes she has reached the end of the chapter. The cold breeze pimples her arms. She looks up and sees it has become night. Shutting the window, she hears a person on a motorcycle and wishes it was the handsome man in the novel.

She had been single for several years. Far longer than she expected. She had gone a some dates here and there. But there wasn’t anyone that stood out. A few men had been disappointed after she had ended things. She wanted passion, a pulsating love, something that would wreck her in the best possible way.

Placing her book on the nightstand, she shuts off the light. In her dreams, the person on the motorcycle pulls up to talk to her as she sits on the porch. They discuss books and current events. He says he’s loved her from afar. Each night, he drove by her house, hoping to wake her up and see her. She touches his cheek and says she’s been waiting for him. They kiss.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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