Video Review: Roddy Ricch “Late At Night”

At night, Roddy Ricch drives past the Welcome To Compton sign in Compton, California. He gets out of the car in his driveway. Touching his head, he walks into his family room. Ricch raps against a charcoal background. Back in his home, he puts in an earpiece. He adjusts the microphone and turns his head. Lit in royal blue, he watches the golden lights of the Ferris wheel from his window.

In his backyard, he rides the Ferris wheel. As he approaches a lavender light, he raises his hands as it swallows him. He lands in a rose-pink painted club. On a cloud, he sits on a hot pink convertible. Back in the club, he passes by Salt-N-Pepa, Will Smith, KISS, and Madonna. A twentysomething woman (Karrueche Tran) stares at him as she dances. They dance together. He clutches his chest and bends over in pain. Her eyes widen as his eyes glow and he transforms into a wolf. She runs out of the as he chases her on the sidewalk. He pounces as she falls on the pavement.

Back at home, the twentysomething woman gasps and touches her chest as she sits up in her lounge chair. Ricch, sitting next to her, asks her, “you good?” She nods, saying, “yeah. It was just a dream.” Standing up, he tells her, “c’mon, let’s go get you some food.” She takes his hand. Over his shoulder, his eyes glow.

Rating: 5/5

Roddy Ricch should’ve been home by now. The twentysomething woman walks to the screen door and opens it. As she walks on the patio, she looks by the bushes and calls out his name. She picks up his ripped t-shirt and trembles. Someone or something must’ve gotten him. Hand over her mouth, she walks backwards inside their home and searches for a baseball bat.

Sitting on the couch, she holds up the baseball bat. Ricch walks into the home in the early morning and asks why every light is on in the house. She puts her hand on her chest and tells she’s so glad he’s home. Ricch says he fell asleep at his friend’s house. Standing up, she touches a cut on his forehead and says she’s going to him a band-aid.

In the bathroom, she dabs his face and says he got beaten up really badly. She says he has to be careful playing basketball. He tells her the guys were playing rough and he had to step up. She squeezes the rag, telling that he doesn’t have to kill himself doing it. He kisses her and says he’s going to watch some television. On the news, a reporter details a murder of a young woman by a strange animal near their neighborhood. The twentysomething woman breathes hard as she leans against the sink.

Director: Director X Year: 2021

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