Video Review: Bad Bunny “Yonaguni”

Bad Bunny picks at his sushi in the restaurant. Looking out the window of his apartment, he moves the sheets as he gets out of his bed. He checks his phone and walks into the bathroom. In the bathroom, he washes his face and brushes his teeth. He reads on his phone as he sits on the toilet and gets dressed.

In the kitchen, he cracks an egg in the pan and cooks scrambled eggs. He walks several dogs in the city and takes a karate class. While at the studio, he sits by the trophies. Glancing into his mirror, he turns at the exit. He brushes yellow paint on his canvas in art class. He plays video games and meditates on the pier. A tattoo artist draws Pokemon Go on his arm.

A group of people cheer him on as he throws a ping pong ball into plastic cups at his friend’s house. A few people play Suck ‘N Blow. He drops the card and kisses the twentysomething sitting next to him. She laughs as he licks some salt off her thigh. He sits on the couch and passes a joint to the twentysomething man to the right of him. The twentysomething woman kisses him on the cheek and he climbs over the couch with her. They dance. He drinks as he sits by the ocean in the early morning. Against animated rose-pink trees, he takes off his glasses and continues to walk.

Rating: 2/5

Bad Bunny searches for flights to Japan. They were still out of his price range. Perhaps he could cut his art class. However, he was really growing with it. His portraits were gaining depth and he actually was liking some of his work. A twentysomething woman, who often sat next to him, told him he was good. He didn’t believe it, though. She was just trying to be nice.

He looks at pictures of Yonaguni online. All he wants is a week to himself. It’d be his own personal retreat. He’d spend his days on the boat and view the cherry blossoms. On his walks, he’d take bites of tempura and figure out where the road leads.

His phone vibrates. It was a notification from one of his shopping apps. A flash sale was happening for a couple hours. He checks out the site and sees something his ex-girlfriend would like. Placing his phone in his pocket, he realizes he’s running late for art class. The twentysomething woman pats the seat next to her as he walks in five minutes late.

Director: Stillz Year: 2021

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