Video Review: Patty Loveless “Lovin’ All Night”

A twentysomething man walks with his dog on the lawn. People stand in groups outside and talk. Two twentysomething people stand by the door. A seventysomething man stands on the lawn, staring at the groups of people. Patty Loveless plays with her band in the garage.

The seventysomething man claps as he talks to a second twentysomething man. Two seventysomething women dance. The second twentysomething man watches people dance inside the garage. A 10-year-old watches Loveless as she dances. A third twentysomething woman dances by a wall of pictures.

In the kitchen, people stand in line and get food from silver tins. Two 10-year-old girls tango. The twentysomething man talks to his friends on the couch. A third twentysomething man talks to the third twentysomething woman. She shakes her head as she stands in the hallway. Loveless laughs as she performs with her band. A thirtysomething woman hugs the thirtysomething man. People clap as she finishes singing.

Rating: 2/5

Patty Loveless hands her 18-year-old niece a present and tells her congratulations. Her 18-year-old niece asks her if she’s going to be singing. Loveless answers, “of course.” She asks if her mom is around. Her 18-year-old niece points to the kitchen, saying, “getting things ready.”

Her sister drops her spoon and squeals as Loveless walks into the kitchen. Loveless asks if she can help with anything. Her sister says she and the grandparents have things taken care of everything. Loveless grabs a spoon and tastes the dip. She mouths, “it’s amazing!” Her sister whispers she made extra for her to bring her home.

Her grandpa sits next to her and asks her how life is treating her. Loveless wipes her face with the napkin and tells him, “okay.” She says she bid on a house. Her grandpa flicks his wrist and tells her to screw it. She laughs and says, “I need somewhere to live.” He says she’s talented and should be on the road. Loveless says singing is just for fun. Her grandpa stands up and waves at her finger, saying it’s not too late.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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