Video Review: Lorde “Solar Power”

Lorde, wearing a Collina Strada bra top and skirt, lies on a blanket on the beach. She sits up while two twentysomething women play with seashells. She takes off her sunglasses and walks on the beach. In the back, two twentysomething men carry a basket of apples. A twentysomething woman gives her a fan. She hands the fan over to a second twentysomething man.

Several twentysomething women run on the beach as Lorde continues to walk. She stops at a table and motions towards the shore. On the shore, several people perform a yoga routine. Lorde plays her move in a game of chess and runs over to a table. A thirtysomething woman offers her a curved gold shell and she handwaves it. She skips past another group of people doing a yoga routine.

A second twentysomething woman offers her a bong. She takes a hit, exhales and runs to a raft. Four twentysomething men lift it into the water. She walks to the group of people and dances in the center. On the raft, she continues to dance. A third twentysomething woman sniffs the flowers. A few women lie on the blanket and fan themselves. They run to the water and splash. Two twentysomething men carry her in a chair while the other people follow her on the sand.

Rating: 5/5

Lorde welcomes a twentysomething woman to the beach. She gestures to a cottage in the back and says they live on the property. Whispering, she says, they have some extra room and plan on more building some more homes. She introduces to the twentysomething women sunbathing. While they walk, she explains today is one for peace.  People are required to meditate and enjoy the sun.

On their walk, she points to two twentysomthing man and says they are catching up with their work. She says they grow their own food. She takes an apple and bites into it. Licking her lips, she says it’s scrumptious and gives one to the twentysomething woman. She says she’ll have to work if she wants to be a resident and some jobs are competitive.

The people chant as two twentysomething men carry Lorde. They drop her off as her private home. Lorde says it was nice meeting her and tells her to have fun on her day off. The twentysomething woman follows the group back to the other homes. A second twentysomething woman asks her if she’s staying or visiting. The twentysomething woman says she’ll be staying. The second twentysomething woman says she has learned so much about herself here and says Lorde is such an inspiration. She rubs her belly and says she can’t wait to raise her baby girl in the town. The twentysomething woman tells her congratulations. The second twentysomething says her father left the group a couple of months ago. However, the community has stepped up for her. She adds she’ll take her to onboarding.

The twentysomething woman fills out the forms with bank account numbers and says her move-in date is good for two weeks. Rooms go fast. The twentysomething woman says she’ll get things straightened out. As she walks back to her car, she grins. The everyday stressors were going to be gone in two weeks.

Directors: Joel Kefali & Lorde Year: 2021

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