Video Review: Culture Club “Miss Me Blind”

A twentysomething Japanese woman sits on a black platform. She disappears and becomes a golden guitar. A thirtysomething geisha stands against a white background. A film reel features her off to the right side. A window slides open. The twentysomething woman throws powder on the golden guitar and it burns.

The thirtysomething geisha looks away from the mirror. Boy George moves the mask from his face. Several twentysomething women dance by the burning golden guitar. George and the geisha hold their masks to their faces as they talk on the balcony. Roy, Mikey and Jon walk to the building and see the golden guitar. The twentysomething Japanese smashes it through the window. They watch as the blinds close in the several of the businesses.

A blind opens and a second Japanese woman writes letters on a bubblegum pink wall. In silhouette, Jon, Mikey and Roy run against the bubblegum pink wall. A film covers a pastel hallway. In silhouette, Mikey, Jon and Roy play on the letters. Against a cornflower blue background, Mike, in silhouette, jumps. George and the thirtysomething geisha walk together in the hallway.

Mikey, Roy, and Jon walk by the Japanese women dancing by the burning gold guitar. An It’s A Miracle board game lies on the floor. The twentysomething woman Japanese throws some powder on Roy. In the white light, he watches a twentysomething man plays guitar. In color, he pushes the twentysomething man towards the window and he goes up with the blinds. He picks up the golden guitar and plays it. An eye opens within the mask as it sits on the table near him. Mikey watches two men kick each other.

The second twentysomething man points to the burning house. A tear falls from the eye within the mask. The geisha and one of the fighting men try to put out the fire on the toy house.

Rating: 3.5/5

Boy George tells the geisha he can’t up any more of her time. The geisha says she doesn’t mind staying longer. George takes her hand and says he wants to walk the gardens with her. The geisha explains the history of the lavender flowers. He asks her if she’s ever been in love. The geisha says only once. But it was a long time ago. George says he doesn’t know if he ever will be in love again. The geisha takes his hand and tells him not to give up.

Mikey turns his head from left to right. Roy says he thinks he sees the building. Jon shakes his head and sits on the sidewalk. A blind opens and reveals a golden guitar. Jon reaches it and disappears. Roy backs away. Mikey sees he thinks it was a twentysomething Japanese woman. Roy mentioned the geisha had told George about the golden guitar.

George and the geisha play the It’s A Miracle board time. He compliments the geisha on her strategy. She says it’s from the many afternoons playing with him. George kisses her on the cheek and asks if they continue the game next week. The geisha says the board will stay as it is until then. They bow to one another. He spots the golden guitar and walks in the other direction. It was determined to be Roy’s, even if he didn’t know it yet.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1984

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