Video Review: Galantis, David Guetta & Little Mix “Heartbreak Anthem”

The Galantis mask flickers on the center of the stage of Heartbreak Theater. A poster for the theater features David Guetta’s face. Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne, wearing white angel wings, sing on stage. Perrie, sitting in a wicker chair, stares at the floor with her hand on her cheek. Leigh-Anne rests her head on the chair in the dressing room.

Perrie sits on a ring on the darkened stage and holds up the Galantis mask up to her face. Lit in ruby red, Jade sits on a chair and runs her hand on her legs. She stands up and turns.  As money light shines on her, she sits on the swing and puts the Galantis mask on her face Perrie sniffs a rose and she sits on the chair. She lies on the floor. Jade spins on the swing. Lit in royal blue, they stand together by the ring, with Jade sitting on it.

Rating: 3/5

Jade warms up for the show. She had become the de facto star. Perrie and Leigh-Anne were taking a step back, for the moment. They were her friends and she was supportive of them. Perrie assured her it was her time. They each deserved to shine.

Leigh-Anne walks into the dressing room and sits in her chair. She wonders how long it’ll be hers. Looking in the mirror, she thinks of her first day. She had searched for a seat in the dressing room. Jade had patted the seat to her and told her it was the free. Perrie had exclaimed to them that she was really excited to be in the show. They had been cast in the corps together. During their first year, they had become roommates and talked about headlining the company one day.

Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade were given news they were soloists in the beginning of the year. They had posed for the promo shots and seen the posters in the city. However, COVID-19 hit and the show had been cancelled. Leigh-Anne had found herself re-evaluating what she wanted. Perrie was cutting her hours. Jade had told them she wasn’t sure if she could do it without them. Leigh-Anne and Perrie had gotten takeout from her favorite restaurant and told her they’ll be there right with her. They aren’t going anywhere. Jade hugs them and says they are going to have go over the steps with her until opening night. Perrie and Leigh-Anne promise her they’ll be relentless with rehearsing.

Director: Samuel Doak Year: 2021

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