Video Review: Jon Secada “Whipped”

Jon Secada stands by the microphone as the bedroom burns. In silhouette, a thirtysomething woman pushes Secada as they walk against the electric blue background. Secada kisses her in bed. He sits up in bed and she puts her arms around him. The foundation of the house burns down as they sleep together.

They talk while he sits at the kitchen table. He kisses her hands. Two thirtysomething women dance together in Secada’s bedroom. Secada walks around the burning house.

Rating: 0/5

Jon Secada takes out the wine bottle in the cabinet. The thirtysomething woman shouts that they are not going to drink through the argument. Secada opens the bottle and pours himself a glass. She gets in his face and asks him, “do you think of my friend?” He says he has talked to her. But it was just about normal stuff. She says she knows they are getting together on their own.

Spicing up their relationship was making things worse. Secada says he couldn’t not acknowledge her. The thirtysomething woman folds her arms across her chest and says she can’t look at him anymore. Secada kisses her on the lips. She puts her hand on his chest and tells him she should know better.

Secada touches her thigh and asks her if she feels better. The thirtysomething woman says she does. She puts on her robe and says she’s going to take a shower. While the water in the shower runs, he dials the thirtysomething woman’s number and leaves a message on her phone. She was probably out with her boyfriend.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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