Video Review: Mimi Webb “Good Without”

Mimi Webb sits on her bed with several of her friends. She sits up on the bed by herself. A friend rests her arm on the ottoman, her elbow by the phone. A second friend sits at the vanity. Her friends, wearing lingerie, stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Webb leans against the bathtub. The friend applies lipstick and puckers her lip.

She sits in the closet, wearing a mesh red robe. Her friends braid her hair. The second friend puts on a beauty mask. and pulls on her ponytail. Wearing a lime green hat and jacket and a plaid dress, she sits on the chair. Back in her bedroom, she takes a picture on her second friend’s cell phone. In the bathroom, her second friend paints her toenails by the bathtub. Webb laughs as they talk.

She and her friends hold up their wine glasses. They dance in the family room and sit on the couch. She plucks a cherry of the cake and eats it. She and her friends laugh as they sit on the couch.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mimi Webb runs to the door. Her friend hugs her and asks her how she’s holding up. Webb says she’s still a little sad. Her second friend shows her basket of nail polish and makeup. The friend says she couldn’t just pick a few colors. Webb picks up the navy blue color and says it might look good on her. She adds that she’ll put in the order for the pizza. Her second friend says they are ordering carryout from their favorite restaurant. Webb offers to pay for some of it. Her friends shake their heads and tell her it’s on them.

Her second friend asks Webb if she remembers her first boyfriend. Webb says “yes” and says they were so in love. Her second friend says he used to try to control everything. She says she was so miserable with him. Webb exclaims, “really?” Her second friend says it took about six months to get over him. She says she can be as sad with them as long as she needs. Webb hugs her friend and says she loves her.

Her friend carries out a cake. They join in, saying a sorority chant about men. Webb opens the wine and says they have to remember to fill it up before they go to bed. Her second friend passes out pieces of cake. Webb laughs as frosting falls from her mouth and says it’s the most fun she’s had in awhile. Her second friend smiles and says she’s going to take it for a yes for next Friday. Webb hops off the couch and says she’s there.

Director: Pip + Lib Year: 2021

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