Video Review: Nelly & Florida Georgia Line “Lil Bit”

On the radio, a DJ says, “hello Nashville. I hear we have a couple of superstars in the city.” Brian calls out, “hey man, where’s Nelly” as Tyler pulls up in his driveway. He shrugs, saying, “I’m not sure. I haven’t heard from him yet. I’ve been trying to get hold of him.” The phone rings in Tyler’s truck. “Lookie, there. Speak of the devil,” he says and answers the phone. A helicopter flies over the electrical wires as Nelly says, “I’m here. Where are you at?”

Several twentysomething women, wearing matching aqua tops and black boy shorts, dance in the park. Nelly looks out the window as Tyler drives. Tyler, Brian and Nelly stand between two trailers on the lot. A twentysomething woman zips up her jeans. She gets in her car  in the garage and rolls up her sleeve, revealing her tattoo.

A 10-year-old boy drives on the sidewalk with his toy car. The twentysomething women, in aqua tops and black shorts, wave at Nelly as they walk on the sidewalk. The 10-year-old boy stares down Nelly, who eats a Lay’s potato chip. A group of 10-year-old boys play football. A sixtysomething man, a fortysomething man and thirtysomething woman stand outside the restaurant where they work and dance as Tyler drives by. He continues to drive as two twentysomething women cross the street. Nelly hangs onto the seat, exclaiming “ooh!”

Nelly stands with the twentysomething women, wearing aqua tops and black shorts, in the park. At night, Nelly plays a game of Beer Pong as someone fires up the grill. Brian smiles at a twentysomething woman as they sit in the gazebo. A group of people dance with Nelly between the two trailers. A second fortysomething woman waves from the balcony. A twentysomething man stands with his 8-year-old boy in the park.

Rating: 3/5

Nelly puts his foot on the invisible brake as Tyler drives. Tyler laughs and tells him to relax. Nelly says the light is turning red. Tyler responds with an “oh” and stops. Nelly jerks in his seat. He tells Tyler he can drive for to the studio. He’s well-rested. Tyler says they are almost there.

Tyler speeds in a residential area. He winks at Nelly and says “shortcut.” Nelly forces a smile and checks for a police car. There had to be one hidden somewhere. Tyler switches lanes and makes a left. The person behind them lays on their horn. Nelly says it was close. Tyler answers, “not really.” The lights on the railroad sign blink and he races through as the barricades go down. Tyler shouts “whoo!” and continues to drive at 75 mph.

Two twentysomething women talk with one another as they cross the street. One twentysomething woman asks, “is that Nelly?” They stand as Tyler barrels through. Nelly yells from the window, “get out of the way!” The twentysomething rush out of the street. Nelly opens the door and walks out. Tyler parks the car. Nelly asks them if they are okay. The twentysomething woman says they are rattled. He says he’ll get him a Lyft and they’ll ride over to the studio. Tyler says he can take them. Nelly shakes his head and says their ride should be here in about 10 minutes. Tyler says he’ll meet him at the studio. Nelly waves goodbye and sits on the lawn. He needed a moment before he went anywhere else.

Director: Christopher Scholar Year: 2021

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