Video Review: Sam Smith “I’m Not The Only One”

Inside a suburban home, a twentysomething woman tells her husband, “I made breakfast, by the way.” Her husband explains, “I’m in a bit of a rush.” She responds, “that’s fine. Give me a kiss.” They kiss. She walks on the porch and smiles as he drives away. His car turns the corner and she frowns.

She sits at the pool with a glass of wine. As her husband walks into the bar, she takes off her wedding ring and cries on the floor. Her husband smiles at a second twentysomething woman, sitting at the counter. Her husband and the second twentysomething drink shots. The twentysomething woman wipes tears from her eyes as she drives. Sam Smith performs as they drink. The second twentysomething woman kisses him as they dance.

The twentysomething woman opens the liquor bottle in the store and drinks it. She grabs some lighter fluid. Lit in teal, her husband and the second twentysomething sleep together in a hotel room. Back at home, the twentysomething woman burns her husband’s clothes on the lawn. She smokes on the porch. At night, her husband walks on the driveway. She opens the door and hugs him.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman pats her husband’s arm and gazes at him. Her best friend says they are such a lovely couple. Her husband turns to the twentysomething woman and says, “she’s my everything.” Her best friend says they are going to be brainstorming ideas for their couples trip soon and need their input. Her husband says the twentysomething will let her know.

The second twentysomething woman giggles as she talks at the husband’s desk. The twentysomething woman places her hand on his desk and says she brought him lunch. Her husband tells her he already ate but he’ll put in the fridge. The second twentysomething woman says she’ll come back at another time and avoids looking at her.

The second twentysomething woman shows off her updated wedding ring as the second twentysomething woman eavesdrops near the appetizers. Her best friend says it’s gorgeous. The twentysomething woman, looking at the second twentysomething woman, says they just found out she’s pregnant and he’s so excited. The second twentysomething almost drops her glass.

Director: Luke Monaghan Year: 2014


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