Video Review: Bobby Brown “My Prerogative”

Lit in royal blue, Bobby Brown drives up to the venue. On stage, a twentysomething woman plays the saxophone and a second twentysomething woman plays the keytar as he stands in the elevator. He dances between them on stage. As he continues to dance, he goes from one end of the stage of the other. He reaches over and touches a few women’s hands in the front row. Two twentysomething men join in the dance routine on the left and right side of the stage. He dances by himself and walks off stage with the two twentysomething women.

Rating: 5/5

The publicist ends the interview. Bobby Brown turns to the fortysomething man and says he’ll take more questions. The reporter asks him about one of his girlfriends. He says it’s nothing serious and they are okay with it. The reporter thanks him for his time. Brown shakes her hand and says feel free to contact him with any additional information.

His publicist tells him he should tone it down. Brown tells him “no” and fires him. His publicist asks him if he’s really wants to do it. Brown responds he’s sure and tells him to leave. He motions for his bodyguard. His bodyguard takes the publicist by the arm and leads him out of the hotel.

A fiftysomething woman recoils as she sees walk in the hallway. Brown smirks at her and presses the button the elevator. He stands with his hands by his hips while the fiftysomething mutters behind him. He asks her if she had something to say to him. She snaps “no.” As the elevator door opens, he gestures for her to go first. While the elevator goes up, he says he’s on the penthouse floor but unfortunately, they aren’t approved guests.

Director: Alek Keshishian Year: 1988

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