Video Review: Raye “Call On Me”

Raye, with her hands raised, stands on stage. She lowers her arms and rests her hands on the feathers. The dancers move their heads and walk away from her, revealing her bodysuit. Two bellboys carry her on the checkered floor and she pulls a rope.

She and a group of twentysomething women in slip dresses dance near statues and busts. The bellboys join in the routine. A shirtless man man and a bellboy take her hand as she dances. The bellboys and shirtless men form a line. She stands at the end and faints. Lit in royal blue, she dances between the feathers.

Wearing a faux fur jacket, she sings into a microphone. Taking off her jacket, she wears a puffy top and finally, a sequined lime green dress. She dances with a twentysomething in a suit near a couch. In a pink corset, she sits on the moon. She and a group of twentysomething women continue the routine.

Rating: 2/5

Raye brings  a handful of shots to her friends. She checks her phone and dismisses the call. It was a sort-of friend. She drinks her shot and laughs. Her sort-of friend texts her and says she wants to talk. Raye rolls her eyes and puts her sort-of friend on ignore. She liked her sort-of friend and all but she was such a pain.

She closes her laptop and takes her break at work. Her best friend joins her and says it’s been such a long day. Raye tunes her out as her best friend talks about their customers. She could name all her complaints. They were the same every day. Her best friend asks her, “are you even listening?” Raye shakes her head, “no” and turns onto the next block.

Raye laughs into the twentysomething man’s chest and says her friends come to her with all their problems. The twentysomething man puts her arm around her and says she’s such a good friend. Raye holds his hand and asks him how he’s feeling. He says things have gotten better. Raye kisses him and says he can talk to her whenever he wants.

Director: Sophia Ray Year: 2021

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