Video Review: Jorja Smith “Home”

Jorja Smith sits inside the bus shelter and texts on her phone. The thirtysomething woman, Smith’s employer, writes “Hey J! Sorry I missed your call…so excited to have with us this evening. Lila is over the moon about it! #Supernanny.” Smith grabs her luggage and walks to the car.

Smith presses the bell at the thirtysomething woman’s home. The thirtysomething woman lets her in and she walks with Lila to her bedroom. She runs her hand on her champagne flute as she stares at her husband talking with another woman at the end of the table. Their friends talk to one another as their food is served to them. The thirtysomething woman checks on her friends and talks with Lily as she plays with Smith.

Smith listens as the thirtysomething woman talks with her. The thirtysomething woman watches from the window as Smith and her husband talk on the driveway. Her husband walks back into the house and kisses her on the cheek. She lies awake in bed as he sleeps next her. While he walks in their bedroom, she watches him from the bathroom.

Lily leans against the bedroom door as her dad packs his suitcase. The thirtysomething woman talks with Lily in the hallway. She waits for Smith at the door.

Rating: 5/5

While Lily draws, she tells Jorja Smith that her mom is sad. Smith says she might be having a bad day. Lily says it’s every day. Smith says she might like a drawing from her. Lily says she’ll draw her a horse. Her mom was rode horses in competitions. Smith says “wow!” as she reaches for some paper. She says she’s going to draw the beach.

The thirtysomething woman’s husband compliments Smith on her outfit. Smith thanks him and indicates she has to leave. Her class is going to start soon. The thirtysomething woman’s husband says he doesn’t want to keep her and asks her if she wants any leftovers from the dinner. Smith opens the car door and says she’s going to grab food from the restaurant by the bus stop. He tells her to hold on and walks inside the house. She sits in the car and accepts the container from the thirtysomething man’s husband. She tells him good night. He says he’ll see her on Friday.

Smith turns off her phone. The thirtysomething woman was sending her texts about her husband’s affair. It was her day off. The thirtysomething woman was miserable and wanted out. Smith felt bad for her and especially for Lily. Her husband’s cheating was an open secret. Smith was able to ward off his advances. However, she knew any suspicion would end her work with them. Sometimes, she thought the thirtysomething woman resented her for being polite to her husband. Smith sits on her bed at night and reads through her messages from the thirtysomething woman. The thirtysomething woman was asking her for resources. Smith shuts it down, saying she wasn’t sure of any. As far as she was concerned, they were loving a couple with a creative daughter. She was their part-time nanny who heard out of context conversations.

Director: Rob Akin Year: 2021

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