Video Review: Natasha Bedingfield “These Words (US Version)”

Natasha Bedingfield wiggles her foot as she sleeps in bed. Her arm over her boombox, she blinks her eyes as she wakes up. Her boombox sits on the dresser as she opens the curtain. She brushes her teeth in the bathroom.

Several boomboxes sit on the floor in her apartment. She dances by the window. Grabbing her boombox, she walks across the street and catches the bus. She sets the boombox on the sand at Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Throwing her hat down on the sidewalk, she presses play and sings into the microphone. She kicks her boombox. It grows animated legs and dances with her.

A twentysomething man breakdances a few feet away. His boombox become animated and walks over to hers. People drop money into her hat. She thanks them as they applaud. A group of follow her and the boomboxes. A second twentysomething man yells at her. Her two boomboxes trip him. A third boomboxes jumps on his stomach. She touches a boombox in the window of a store display. It becomes animated and follows behind. The store owner runs out and yells at her. She continues to dance in front of the window.

Rating: 2.5/5

Natasha Bedingfield puts on sunscreen as she lies on a blanket on the beach. She had to get away from her laptop. Every time she wrote a sentence, she backspaced and deleted it. It lacked something and she hated each word. She presses play on the boombox and listens to music, drowning out the conversations going on around her.

She orders a drink at the bar. The bartender tells her to enjoy her trip. She says she’s going to try. It’s a working trip. He asks her what she does. She says she’s a singer but she doesn’t feel like much one. He gives her the drink and suggests she busk. People would love to listen her.

She finishes her drink and sets up on the sidewalk. As she sings, people clap for her and call out songs. Her voice cracks as she says she appreciates them. Back in the hotel room, she counts out the money. She had had enough for an expensive dinner. It felt good to sing again. It wasn’t work. She could do what she wanted. As she sits at the table, she opens her laptop and writes out a sentence.

Director: Jim Gable Year: 2005

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