Video Review: Tyler, The Creator “Lumberjack”

Tyler, The Creator bites into a bagel as he looks through a scrapbook. He places the bagel on the bedsheet as he turns the page. A flattened bike lies on the floor. He gets the remote and walks to the opening of the hole. In the corner, he stands on a pile of suitcases.

He laughs as he sits on the chair while he talks with a fortysomething woman. She paints his nails. A fiftysomething man (also Tyler, The Creator) opens his umbrella as the wind blows. Tyler lets go of his suitcases and stands on tiptoes. He leans against his sled while the snow buries him.

Rating: 3/5

Tyler, The Creator slides the lift down the tree. His neighbor was coming over for tea in the afternoon. She recently had surgery and wouldn’t be able to handle the rope ladder. He sets up the table. She rings the bell and says she’s coming up. He stands by the edge and watches her on the lift.

She hands him a sweater and says she knit it while she was resting. He puts his on his chest and tells her it’s beautiful. She mentions there’s a new neighbor a couple of trees over. He seems kind of stuffy. Tyler says he thinks he’d seen him. She says some new trees were planted yesterday. Tyler says she has to see his garden and they walk onto the lift together.

Tyler rides his sled on the hill. The snow was up to the hole within the tree. He runs into the fiftysomething man’s tree. The fiftysomething man shakes his fist at him and tells him to slow down. Tyler brushes himself off and continues to ride on the sled. His sled hits a drift and he rolls down the hill. While he struggles to move, he calls out for help. A squirrel lets out a screech and gives him his paw. He takes it and pats the squirrel on the head.

Director: Wolf Haley Year: 2021

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