Video Review: SZA & Travis Scott “Love Galore”

The light of the lamp shines on SZA’s face as she sits at the vanity. Travis Scott rubs his face as she walks towards the bed. Butterflies land on SZA as she sits on a stool against a cobalt background. Back in the bedroom, she runs her hand on Scott’s chest.

Scott hangs his head as he sits across from SZA against the cobalt background. She sits on top of him in bed and ties his hands to the bedpost. A butterfly sits on Scott’s hand. SZA looks out the window and sees a fortysomething woman turn off her car. The fortysomething woman walks up to the door. Scott struggles to get free as SZA lets her inside. The fortysomething woman lets out a yell as Scott stares at her. Blood splatters the window. She sits in the chair and laughs.

Rating: 4/5

SZA holds Travis Scott’s hand as they walk on the trail. As they sit on the mountain, he sees they have to go to Peru someday.  She gives him  a small smile. He was a kind person and she loved him more than anything in the world. She tells him she wanted to do something special. He tells her she has to treat her next time. She rests her head on his shoulder and tells him today was more than enough.

The fortysomething woman carries her bloody axe out of the house and says it was peaceful. SZA wipes away tears and tells her it’s going to be so tough. The fortysomething woman pats her on the shoulder and says she’ll get over it. She walks upstairs and lays next to his lifeless body.

SZA glances over her shoulder as she drives on the expressway. A car honks at her as she passes them. Only a few hours to the next state. The police shouldn’t know yet. She reaches for an empty bottle and hits her foot on the gas pedal.

Director: Nabil Year: 2017



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