Video Review: Elvie Shane “My Boy”

Elive Shane plays guitar in the garage. A thirtysomething man gets out of his semi-truck. A thirtysomething woman waves to him in the driveway. A 10-year-old boy stands behind her as the thirtysomething man says hello. They sit a few seats away on the couch. As they talk, they sit closer to each other over time.

The 10-year-old boy draws a picture on the kitchen table. The thirtysomething man puts the cereal box on the table. He and the 10-year-old boy clink spoons and eat their cereal together. The thirtysomething woman watches as the thirtysomething man puts the 10-year-old boy’s drawing on the refrigerator. Shane and the thirtysomething man fist pump at the garage. The thirtysomething man teaches the 10-year-old boy about car engines.

The 10-year-old boy runs in the laundromat as the thirtysomething man carries the laundry. The thirtysomething man pitches the baseball to the 10-year-old boy. Shane and the thirtysomething woman watch in the bleachers. The 10-year-boy laughs as he eats his grilled cheese while the thirtysomething man roars in the restaurant. The thirtysomething, wearing her apron, places her hand on the thirtysomething man’s. At night, Shane plays the guitar by the semi-truck. The 10-year-old boy puts a quarter in the gumball machine. The thirtysomething man looks at his house as he walks to his truck. The 10-year-old runs out and hands him a gift: a baseball which says Most Valuable Pop. They hug.

Rating: 5/5

The now 15-year-old boy shouts “you’re not my real father” and slams the door as he goes into his room. Tears sting the thirtysomething man’s eyes. He was really trying. The thirtysomething woman sits next to him and tells him he didn’t mean it. The thirtysomething man says he just needs to by himself.

The thirtysomething man says he’s going to lessen his hours at work. The 15-year-old boy scoffs. The thirtysomething puts her fork down, saying “we didn’t talk about this.” The thirtysomething man says he hasn’t been home as much as he used to. The 15-year-old boy says he wants to talk to his real father. The thirtysomething man and woman exchange glances. They knew the question would come up one day.

The 15-year-old boy draws in his bedroom. His stepdad knocks on the door and asks him if he’s okay. The 15-year-old boy says he’s doing homework. His stepdad says to let him know if he needs help. The 15-year-old boy sits back in his chair and looks over the drawing of his stepdad. Meeting his real dad had been a disappointment. His real dad complained his job, current wife and kids. He had him asked him questions about college. His real dad dismissed them and said he was just being fancy. He takes the picture of the canvas and presents it to his stepdad. His stepdad tells him it’s amazing and finds thumbtacks on the wall. He helps his stepdad hang it on the wall.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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