Video Review: Jody Watley “Off The Hook”

Jody Watley presses a code into the security system in the royal blue painted room. A thirtysomething man talks to her on the screen next to her. The security camera records her dancing in the bathroom. Her hand touches the glass of the shower as the thirtysomething man kisses her.

He sits on a royal blue chair. She stretches out on an aqua couch. White flowers cover her as she lies on the floor. The thirtysomething man walks out of the shower and sits next to her on the couch. The tattoo machine draws on her back and chest. She and the thirtysomething man hug in the bathtub. Flames burn within the screen on the bathtub. He puts a ring on her finger as they kiss in the bathtub. A rubber duck sits on top of the edge of the bathtub.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jody Watley runs her hand along the thirtysomething man’s chest. He asks her if she likes her new ring. She says it’s gorgeous. He asks her if its fits okay. She says it’s a little loose. He says he’ll go to the store tomorrow and get it fixed. She kisses him. He turns to her and kisses her shoulder. She tilts her head back.

He rolls over and walks to the bathroom. The sun beats on her neck as she puts her hand over her eyes. Glancing at the clock, she notices it says 7 am. They still had a few hours. She closes her eyes as he washes up in the shower. In his underwear, he sits next to her in bed. She places her hand on his chest.

The alarm goes off as her mother-in-law walks into their house. Watley and the thirtysomething man sit up. He calls out “we’ll be right down!” They put on their robes and run down the stairs. Their 5-year-old boy covers his ears as they hug him. He says he knows the code and shuts it off. Her mother-in-law says he already ate breakfast. Watley walks with him into the family room and sits on the floor as he gets one of his games.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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