Video Review: Kacey Musgraves “Merry Go ‘Round”

Kacey Musgraves wears a coat and sunglasses as she stands on the sidewalk. In a circa 1960s home video, a 5-year-old girl plays with blocks. Musgraves stands by the clothesline in her backyard. In the neighborhood, circa 1960s, a thirtysomething woman and man walk on their lawn.

A family with several children and a dog walk on the sidewalk. Cars sit in the driveway. In black-and-white, a 6-year-old boy cries. Two thirtysomething women, with their children in strollers, walk together. Back in color, a thirtysomething man waters his lawn. Musgraves pets her dog. A person flips a page in the scrapbook of the houses in the neighborhood.

A fortysomething woman and man smile on a ride at a fair. People ride the carousel. Musgraves puts on makeup in the bathroom. Back in black-and-white, a second thirtysomething woman helps a customer at the beauty counter. People press buttons on the washing machines and jukeboxes. In color, a third thirtysomething woman talks to her child in the crib. Her other children run around them. Musgraves talks to the musicians in the studio. She sings into the microphone in the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kacey Musgraves shows her parents a condominium in the city on her phone. Her mom says she has too many memories here. Her dad tells her it’ll be starting over again. Musgraves says they’ll be near her and won’t have to worry about driving two hours to get things done. Her mom says they appreciate it but they are going to stay.

Musgraves waits in line at the diner for order. A thirtysomething man waves to her and says it’s good to see her. Musgraves struggles to remember his name. She waves back. The thirtysomething man says the order is on him. He says he manages the diner now. Musgraves exclaims, “wow!” as she thinks of who he could be. He says the owner would love to see her and calls the woman’s name. The owner comes out of the office and gives her a hug. She asks her if she has any kids. Musgraves says, “no.” The owner tells her there’s still time.

She gets the mail for her parents. A second thirtysomething man mows the lawn. Musgraves stares at him. She used to be so in love with him. In their junior year, she got to know him. He was surprised to hear she despised living in the town. He couldn’t imagine living anywhere where he didn’t know everyone. Musgraves invited him to come with her after graduation. He told her it was home. She opens the door of her parents’ home and lets them know the electric bill finally came.

Director: Perry Bean Year: 2012

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